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Why Contractors are Becoming TubcuT™Dealers

Why Contractors are Becoming TubcuT™Dealers

TubcuT offers an innovative way to turn your client’s bathtub into a walk-in shower. It’s an easy project to complete as a contractor, and it can increase your customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at why many contractors are choosing to be TubcuT dealers.

Client Satisfaction

Let’s start with the most important reason. You want happy clients. As a contractor, your business relies heavily on how satisfied your customers are, and what they tell others about their experience with you.

TubcuT offers an easy way to ensure that your clients are happy, particularly if they want to convert a bathtub to a walk-in shower.

Simple and Convenient Process

Converting any bathtub to a walk-in shower is easy with TubcuT. You won’t disrupt your client’s daily activities, and the process can be completed in just one day. No matter what type of tub your client has, you can turn it into a walk-in shower with TubcuT.


TubcuT is also easily reversible, unlike one-piece walk-in inserts. This is great for clients whose needs may change in the future. If they no longer want or need a walk-in shower, you can replace the piece, restoring their tub to its original condition.

Increases Safety

A walk-in shower increases the safety of your client’s bathroom. 80% of bathroom injuries occur due to falling. The majority of these incidents occur when getting into or out of the tub or shower.

TubcuT allows clients to step in with only a 4-inch step, making it much safer when getting in and out.

Get New Business

Offering TubcuT can open up new business opportunities as well. You can find work in areas with a large elderly population, retirement homes, and rehab centers that may need TubcuT.

TubcuT isn’t just for the elderly. Many people suffering from chronic pain or mobility issues can benefit from TubcuT. This includes clients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and those recovering from accidents.

Less Expensive for Clients

TubcuT is not only more convenient for you, but it’s also less expensive for your clients. There’s no need to remove or replace the tub, which can be costly. You won’t need to change the plumbing or install a new walk-in shower.

Clients who may not be able to afford a walk-in shower to replace their tub may be happy to hear that they can afford TubcuT.

Lifetime Warranty

TubcuT offers a lifetime warranty. Shower inserts are caulked into place, and often leak over time. TubcuT is seamless, so you won’t get service calls about leaks.

Contact TubcuT

If you are a contractor looking for a handicapped shower in South Florida, contact TubcuT today. Partnering with us allows you to provide your clients with the safety and functionality they need while maximizing your profits.

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