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Client Testimonials

The job done saved us lots of money in remodeling. The gentleman was prompt, courteous and very neat with his work. We just want to say Thank You for such a wonderful job. Our mother loves the accessibility and freedom of her new tub. She can actually get into the tub to take a shower by herself and it’s much safer. Again, thanks for such a great job.

Sharon T

Great job! I am really, really pleased with how my tub turned out. And after the work, my bathroom was just as clean as before.

Mrs. B.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the Houston job was a great success – thanks to you and your husband. I have attached some pictures of the installation for your files – thanks for all the help. We may be contacting you again as we incorporate and develop the TubcuT into our marketing plan.

Mark B.

I have to tell you I came across your “Tub Cut” site by accident. I had been searching the net looking for handicap… options that would make life easier for my wife… For the past 4 years, the only way she was able to get in to a tub to take a shower was if I actually lifted her legs over the tub. I had been wishing I could have the existing tub removed and replaced with a shower.

However the cost would be great and due to the fact that we have only 1 bathroom, it would have been impossible to go a week without one while it was being renovated. But once I saw your site, I knew there was answer!

I really can not find enough words to express how happy we are with the “Tub Cut”. This is an incredible process that will no doubt fulfill the needs of our aging population. It has given back my wife some of her dignity, pride and independence.

I have attached a few photos of the work while it was in progress. Thanks again to Marty and Brian!

Regards, John R.

I see three aspects to this tub refurbishing project… human need, human design, and human work, all gathered together under human trust and respect and according to plan, completed in three days for reasonable cost. The human need, now satisfied, was great.


Mike did a great job installing my TUBCUT. He was efficient, clean and WOW was my tub beautiful! The TUBCUT really does have that ‘factory’ look.

Kermit N.

Contacted Ray several weeks ago and today we’ve set up a date for installation. Haven’t met him yet, but he’s really a nice guy. Also talked with the folks out in Armstrong County and they were very helpful.  They praise your product. Thanks for all your help with my problem.  It’s good to know there’s still some nice folks around to take time out of their day to respond to an S.O.S.

Diane R.

Now that the excitement of getting the “TubcuT” is over, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with that concept. Even though I saw your video explaining how the process would be accomplished, I thought that it was a little too easy. Once Mr. Williams arrived at the residence (on time), he never took a break or had lunch. He worked tirelessly throughout the day making sure that everything was exactly as planned. His expertise and professionalism went beyond reproach. We were completely satisfied with the final outcome of the project. Several senior neighbors and relatives have looked at the work and reacted favorably with the concept too. I’m confident that you may have a few prospects in the near future.

Thanks again for everything you did for mom. She was so excited about getting into the tub once again without the fear of falling. That alone makes me sleep better at night knowing that she has the ability to step into the tub rather than the possibility of falling there.

David Andrews

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