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When Is The Right Time To Get a TubcuT™

When Is The Right Time To Get a TubcuT™

Being able to shower without assistance or aids is one of the hallmarks of independent living for people of all ages and types of mobility issues. At issue is the fact that many homes don’t have a bathroom with a shower stall, and installing a step-in bathtub can be expensive and not practical. Yet there comes a time when it’s not easy or safe to get into the bathtub without assistance. However, you or your loved one doesn’t have to get stuck with using shower aids that don’t completely solve the problem with The TubcuT™ bathtub notching process.

The TubcuT™ involves removing a portion of the side of the tub and then covering the open section with a material that matches the existing bathtub. The notch can be cut to any desired width and depth, making it one of the easiest tub-to-shower conversions for seniors. Best of all, the portion of the tub that’s been removed can also be replaced at a later date, restoring the tub to its original appearance and usefulness.

The Current Assistive Setup Isn’t Enough

Shower handles with suction cups make it a lot easier to support yourself as you work your way into your bathtub, but there may be a time when they’re not sufficient. A loss of strength or mobility makes the act of balancing a tricky one, and if you slip, you have to rely on the handles to hold your weight. The TubcuT™ is the way to go when you feel that your current arrangement using shower handles or other aides to get into the tub isn’t sufficient.

Health Issues Make it More Difficult to Step Into a Tub

Age-related infirmities, such as heart conditions, can make the act of bringing a leg up over the side of the tub into a perilous movement. A sudden change in blood pressure at the wrong moment can result in a fall that has ongoing consequences. This is the right time to get the bathtub modified for safety purposes and eliminate the need to lift a leg over the side. It’s also much easier to put a shower chair into the bathtub to make it safe for showering.

When Mobility Issues Start Interfering With Daily Life

Mobility issues come in all shapes and sizes, and they can all make it more difficult to step into a bathtub. Showering regularly becomes more difficult to accomplish because the body isn’t responding as it should. This can happen to anyone at any point in life, and modifying the bathtub to turn it into a handicap-accessible shower makes it easy to take care of yourself once again.

After Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacements do a great job of restoring mobility, but you may not return to 100% of your former self afterward. A hip or knee replacement may result in less flexibility than you once had, and physical therapy can only do so much to help. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that you’ll regain a range of motion that’s sufficient for getting in and out of a bathtub. A TubcuT™ allows you to easily access your bathtub and use the shower without the strain of trying to pull your leg over the edge.

Contact TubcuT™ Today to Learn More About How It Works

You don’t have to do an entire bathtub replacement to make your shower easily accessible with our bathtub conversion process. The work is performed quickly, at a reasonable price, and the bathtub can be restored when the cut is no longer needed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how it’s done and get started on turning your bathtub into a handicap-accessible shower.

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