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How TubcuT™ Helps Older Americans

How TubcuT™ Helps Older Americans

With aging in place being the trend for older adults right now, many seniors are preparing their homes for if and when mobility becomes more difficult. One of the areas of the home that generally needs remodeling is the bathroom. Getting in and out of a bathtub can often be a challenge for many seniors. Tub to shower conversions in Bethlehem, PA are some of the most popular renovations to turn an existing bathtub into a safe walk-in shower. There are many benefits to this type of upgrade!

Accessibility and Safety

Our number one concern for seniors is safety when making a bathroom more accessible. TubcuT™ walk-in tubs for the elderly are conversions of existing bathtubs into showers that one can safely enter without having to climb over the side of the tub, which can be dangerous for those with compromised mobility. With the addition of wall-mounted grab bars, this is a smart solution for preventing accidental slips and falls that could ultimately result in an injury.

An Affordable Option

We don’t have to completely demolish your bathroom to make it accessible with a TubcuT™ conversion. By working with the existing tub already in place, TubcuT™ installations save a lot of time, expense, and messy cleanup. Skilled installers create a four-inch curb cut to step over and keep the water from spilling over and causing a slippery floor. We can do this with a variety of tubs, including acrylic, cast-iron, and fiberglass without any visual seams.

Customized Solutions

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all bathtub insert when doing a tub-to-shower conversion. If the universal insert does not fit properly, it will have to be adjusted by making additional cuts while on the job site. This is time-consuming and costly. We take precise measurements of the bathtub before fabricating the insert so that it matches in size, shape, and color to your unique tub.

100% Reversible

It often comes as a surprise to many that we can restore a tub to walk-in shower back to the original tub design. This is accomplished by the homeowner storing the cutout and removed portion of the original tub in a safe space. Restoration of a TubcuT™ remodel is important for when the client eventually decides to sell their home and wants to reach a broader buyer base, not just seniors.

Reach Out to the Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversion Experts

Whether you are interested in becoming a TubcuT™ dealer or are looking to remodel your bathroom to make it more senior-friendly, we are happy to discuss our company and our services with you at your earliest convenience. A tub to walk-in shower retrofit can change lives in a very positive way making it easier for them to navigate daily personal hygiene routines. The process is straightforward without making a massive mess. It is affordable, customized, and can be reversed. Contact us today! 

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