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TubcuT™ vs. Full Bathroom Makeover: Which Is Right for You

TubcuT™ vs. Full Bathroom Makeover: Which Is Right for You

If you are looking to renovate specific areas of your bathroom, you know that you have several options at your disposal. For example, you could choose to get the walk-in shower that you’ve always wanted by gutting your entire bathroom and getting everything re-installed, or you could choose to convert what you have. These options do come with a great deal of consideration though. If you’re torn between the TubcuT™ and a full bathroom makeover, here’s how to decide which is right for you.

What Is TubcuT™?

Most people know what a full bathroom makeover entails. You’d need to reach out to contractors to let them know more about your needs and get an estimate, have them come in, and then install a new walk-in shower in your current tub’s place. But what exactly is the TubcuT™? As the name suggests, TubcuT™ eliminates many of the challenges that come with the traditional installation of a walk-in shower by seamlessly converting your tub into a walk-in shower by cutting a portion of it out. The TubcuT™ is completely customizable to meet your step-through bathtub conversion needs, is installed in about half a day, is compatible with a wide range of existing bathtub materials, and can be reversed if you find that it’s not right for you or if you need something else done to make your shower area easier to navigate.

Put simply, rather than having to gut everything to install a new walk-in shower, TubcuT™ works with what you already have to make sure that you’re able to walk into your tub without having to worry about trying to step over and maintain your balance every time.

What Should You Consider When Weighing Your Options?

Are you torn between choosing the TubcuT™ and a full bathroom makeover? Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing between the two.

  • Budget: Getting a handicap-accessible bathroom shower can be quite expensive, and not everyone has the budget to pull it off. If you’re someone who’s working on a limited budget, you probably don’t want to go with the more expensive option. Choosing the TubcuT™ can help you save your resources so that you’re not putting your quality of living at risk and so that you have more money to help you renovate other areas of the house that will make it easier for you to safely get around your home.
  • Project Scope and Time: How much time do you have? Do you have another space where you can safely bathe and use the bathroom? The reality of a full bathroom makeover is that it can take an extensive amount of time, making your bathroom inaccessible for a long period of time and preventing you from being able to use your home how you want. In comparison, the TubcuT™ takes less than a day to install so that you can start using your shower immediately.
  • Other Needs: There are some key advantages that TubcuT™ offers that you won’t get if you pursue a full bathroom makeover. For example, should you want something else after a full bathroom makeover, you would have to get it entirely gutted and install something else instead. With the TubcuT™, you can simply reverse the process by reinstalling the piece that was removed from your tub. Think about the differences between the two processes and some of your other needs so that you’re sure you’re making the right choice.

Get Your Walk-in Shower With Ease Today

Are you ready to make your bathroom more accessible without large price tags and extensive project timelines? Get in touch with us today to learn more about the TubcuT™and explore the next steps of the installation process.

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