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Is My Bathroom Too Small for A TubcuT™?

Is My Bathroom Too Small for A TubcuT™?

Making improvements to a home over the years is very important. Not only can this make a property more comfortable and modern, but it can make it more functional for your use. One improvement you can consider making for your home is to invest in a TubcuT for a shower and tub in your bathroom. With a TubcuT, you can create walk-in showers for seniors and others who need improved accessibility. If you are considering investing in a TubcuT, there are various factors to consider that can help you determine if a TubcuT is right for your home. One factor is to determine whether your bathroom is the right size.

Space Consideration

A factor to consider when determining if your home is too small for a TubcuT is the space available. When you are trying to have a TubcuT installed, you need to ensure there is space to place a wheelchair or for someone to make a clean walk into the shower. If the room is too small, this will not be possible. It is important that you measure the entire space to ensure that it matches the configurations required for the TubcuT.

Placement and Location

Another factor that can determine whether your bathroom is the right size for the TubcuT is the placement of the shower and other fixtures in your bathroom. There are a variety of fixtures that will be in any bathroom. In many initial bathroom design processes, accessibility or the installation of a TubcuT is rarely considered. Because of this, there could be items in the way that do not allow you to install the TubcuT. However, if you do have ample square footage, you may be able to move the fixtures around for the full installation.

Need of The Individual User

It is also very important that you properly consider the needs of the individual user when you are trying to have a TubcuT installed. No two people are the same when it comes to entering a tub or shower. While a small space may be adequate for some people, others may need more room. When you have a full TubcuT installed, you need to ensure that you are carefully considering the needs of the individual. This can ensure that you are able to get into a tub no matter what your specific needs are.

Style and Design

While functionality and accessibility tend to be the primary consideration when it comes to having a TubcuT installed in a home, you will still want to consider the style and design of your property and bathroom. A bathroom can be a major focal point and investment in a property so you will want to ensure the aesthetics are still appealing. We can help to ensure that your bathroom continues to look modern when you have a new TubcuT installed.

If you are looking to have a handicap-accessible bathtub and shower installed in your home, the use of a TubcuT can be a great option. This is a method to make it easier for anyone to step into a shower or tub. Interested in learning more about this revolutionary accessibility feature? Get in touch with our experts! 

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