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Handicap Accessible Walk-In Shower

A handicap shower conversion or handicap tub conversion is a great idea to prevent slips, falls, and other bathroom-related injuries. In fact, a bathtub conversion may be necessary to keep your mobility-challenged loved ones safe, as well as make your bathroom compliant to guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Best Handicap Shower Conversion For Those With Mobility Issues

Modifying your bathroom to include a handicap accessible shower or handicap accessible bathtub shouldn’t be a complicated process. Handicap-accessible tubs or handicap walk-in showers are easy to install and can fit in a variety of bathroom layouts and sizes without the need for drastic or costly remodeling.

TubcuT™ offers various options to accommodate different bathroom sizes and bathtub types, ensuring that your handicap shower conversion and handicap tub conversion seamlessly integrates into your bathroom for maximum comfort and safety.

Why Get A Handicap Accessible Shower Conversion Installed In Your Bathroom?

A handicap accessible shower can work similarly to a handicap accessible tub as both bathroom conversions allow easy access to the bathroom area without encountering trip hazards along the way. Handicap walk-in showers or walk-in showers for seniors also eliminate the need to step in and out of a traditional bathtub and allow unencumbered access to the shower area itself.

Here’s why you should have handicap walk-in showers, or a handicap accessible bathtub, installed in your bathroom:

Helps Those With Mobility Issues & Chronic Illnesses

A handicap accessible shower, despite its name, can actually be used by people of all abilities and even those with chronic illnesses that can affect their mobility. Compared to regular bathrooms, handicap walk-in showers have added safety features such as handrails, upgraded bathroom sinks, non-slip mats, and zero-threshold showers that can angle the water back into the drain. These features can make bathing simple and help maintain the dignity and privacy of those with mobility issues.

Affordable Solution

A handicap-accessible bathroom shower is also a more economical and practical choice as it can save you from expensive medical bills resulting from slip and fall accidents. Professionally installed handicap walk-in showers are also a more cost-efficient change to make than DIY remodels that may not be as durable and require frequent repairs or replacements.

TubcuT™ installs handicap-accessible bathroom shower kits with the use of a strong bonding process that is guaranteed to last for the long term. Moreover, we craft our seamless and watertight handicap showers and handicap tub conversion kits to match any tub or bathroom’s color, resulting in handicap showers that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Can Be Reversed If Necessary

Not only does it take just half a day to install a handicap accessible shower or a handicap tub, but it’s also easy to reverse these modifications once they’re no longer needed. Unlike most one-piece handicap shower conversion inserts, by preserving the handicap tub cutout, we can restore the tub to its original condition at any time.

So, if you’re looking for the best handicap walk-in shower or handicap tub conversion kits, don’t settle for a one-piece handicap shower conversion setup. Keep in mind that a handicap accessible shower or handicap accessible tub should be durable and highly customizable.

With TubcuT™, you know you’re getting the best handicap-accessible bathroom shower features, and your handicap walk-in shower can prevent or minimize accidents. Have a handicap walk-in shower installed today so you and your loved ones can get the peace of mind you deserve.

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A handicap-accessible bathtub from TubcuT™ allows mobility-challenged people to use bathtubs without having to step in and out of the tub. With its step-through access, our handicap-accessible tub can let anyone simply walk in the tub sans a cumbersome barrier that may cause accidents or increase leg pressure from those who have mobility issues.

A handicap-accessible bathtub from TubcuT™ can also accommodate different existing bathtub types, including fiberglass, steel, acrylic, or cast-iron tubs.

To learn more about the best handicap tub and handicap showers, contact us through our intake form or call our office toll-free at 1-877-882-2887 (877-tubcuts). You can even check out our handicap accessible showers in PA if you’re in the area.