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Top Dangers For Seniors In The Bathroom

Top Dangers For Seniors In The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for seniors. These dangers may not seem like a big deal, but they can lead to serious injuries and sometimes be life-changing. The risk is very real, so it is important to protect oneself by being prepared and knowing the warning signs that indicate an emergency in the bathroom. These are the five dangers for seniors who fall in the bathroom.

1. Impaired Vision

As people age, their eyesight decreases. It is easier for them to slip or trip over objects with this impairment. If a person has trouble seeing well, they may not navigate their way around the bathroom correctly. Consider installing new lighting or simply making sure that the lighting in the bathroom is bright enough for easy navigation. Additionally, make sure there is a clear path through the bathroom.

2. Slippery Floors

Bathroom floors can become incredibly slippery. As people age, their mobility can become more challenging. It can cause their balance to be off and make them more prone to falling. It is important that the bathroom floor is cleaned regularly and is free of anything that may otherwise cause slipping. The best thing to do is to put down a non-slip bath mat. Also, you can get a professional to come and do a tub to shower conversion in NJ for easier access to bathing

It is important to make the necessary changes in the bathroom to fit a senior’s needs and make the bathroom more accessible.

3. Medications

If a person is taking certain types of medication, it can affect their senses and make it more likely for them to fall. It is important to follow doctor’s orders when taking medications. Many medications are labeled with “may cause dizziness/lightheaded” and similar warnings due to these consequences. You can have a contractor come to your home and make some changes to accommodate the needs of people who are elderly. Converting the bathtub to a walk-in shower with railings to ensure your loved ones have safe access to the bathroom.

4. Weakness And Low Balance

As people age, their muscles aren’t as agile as they used to be. It can make it easier for them to fall for various reasons. Older people begin to have problems with their balance, and there must be no hazards in the bathroom. Consider changing the bathroom layout to make it more accessible to people who are elderly, and change the flooring to help prevent slipping. You can have a shower converter come into your home and make some changes, such as turning the bathtub into a walk-in shower. 

It is all too easy to take the established safety in the bathroom for granted. It can lead to unfortunate accidents and injuries. Contact Tubcut today to learn more about our services!