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Preparing Your Home for Your Parents or Loved One as They Move in with You

Preparing Your Home for Your Parents or Loved One as They Move in with You

If you’re someone that prefers to take care of their family rather than send them to an assisted living area, then you need to prepare your home. Seniors require special care to ensure they’re safe and as independent as possible. These few changes you make to your home can help everyone have an easier time.

1. Remove Level Changes

In some homes, you may have a step or two that changes levels. For example, there may be a dip that separates the kitchen from the living room. You may have a bump between two different rooms. A senior isn’t always aware of that step or bump. It could cause a serious accident.

You can remove level transitions by either raising or lowering a floor. You can even simply switch out a step with a ramp. A ramp is a much safer option for a senior to a step.

2. Convert Your Bathtub to a Shower

A bathtub to shower conversion is another step to take. Seniors can’t easily use bathtubs. Getting up and down can be extremely difficult for them even with handles. A better solution is to convert a bathtub into a shower.

Tubcut makes that easy.

Removing a bathtub entirely and then installing a shower can be expensive. Tubcut offers a more affordable option. Through our conversion service, a cut will be made to the tub. The cut is then smoothed and painted to look like the rest of the tub.

You’re left with a sizable door that the senior can easily walk in and out of. They don’t have to worry about sitting or getting back up. With the addition of handles and grips, your new shower is safe for your senior.

The best part is if you keep your tub’s cutout, then you can always have it replaced later.

3. Transitional Beds

Getting in and out of bed can be difficult for seniors if the bed isn’t at the right height. Luckily, some beds can be raised or lower. This makes getting in and out of them easy. You can even add a few handles around the bed to make sliding in and out even easier.

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Preparing your home for a loved one doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Call Tubcut today to start the process of converting your bathtub into a shower. You’re going to be amazed at how easy it is.