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Bathroom Slip & Fall Prevention With TubcuT™

Bathroom Slip & Fall Prevention With TubcuT™

One of the biggest threats to seniors lurks within their own homes. The bathroom is a slippery location and can prove difficult to cross even agile individuals. For seniors, one bad slip could have dire consequences. Luckily, there are a few ways that seniors can decrease the chances of slipping and falling in their bathrooms. Read on to find out the best ones.

1. Adding Handles in Appropriate Areas

Handles can be extremely helpful for seniors. It gives them something to grip onto and lean against when they’re transitioning into and out of the tub. However, the handles need to be placed in appropriate areas. They’re not going to help anyone if they’re in the far back of the tub or shower.

The handles should be placed in key areas where the senior needs support. For bathtubs, they should also be close to the bottom of the tub to help them push upwards.

Handles need to be made with high-quality materials. A broken handle can cause just as much damage to a senior as if it wasn’t there at all.

2. Bathtub Conversions

If you haven’t already considered a bathtub conversion for your loved one, then you should. At TubcuT, we make transitioning your bathtub into a walk-in shower easy.

It’s unlikely that your loved one is going to use bathtubs. They cause too many problems. A shower is a safer method for seniors to clean themselves or be cleaned. It’s also affordable.

Instead of taking out the entire bath, then having a shower installed, our tub conversion service simply cuts a section of your tub away. Then it’s sanded down and smoothed to look as though the cut was always there. The cut is deep and low enough for seniors to easily step over it. Yet it’s still high enough to keep the water within the tub.

It’s an affordable method that can keep seniors safe.

3. Grips

Even showers can become slippery. Adding grips on the bottom of the shower can give your loved ones the added stability they need when walking around. It can prevent any disasters from occurring when soap or shampoo is dropped on the floor.

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