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How Do You Become a TubcuT™ Dealer? 

How Do You Become a TubcuT™ Dealer? 

A popular home remodeling trend among owners is converting their tub to a walk-in shower. The majority of this group is seeking a safer, more reliable way to bathe each day. One of the top tub-to-shower conversion contractors in Scranton is TubcuT One Day Team, who can assist homeowners in improving the look of their bathroom.

What is a TubcuT Dealer?

A TubcuT dealer is a certified remodeling contractor who can install a tub-to-shower conversion kit for their clients. Often, the conversion process is a quick, seamless one-day project. You are providing a safer bathing environment for all living in the home. All without the threat of sustaining an injury while getting in and out of the tub.

Becoming a certified TubcuT dealer will help your contracting business to stand out from the competition. The added skill set will help generate more home remodeling projects and increase your clientele list. You will receive personal training sessions that show how to prepare and convert a tub into a shower. Plus, learn how to engage clients on possible upgrades (grab bar, shower curtain rod, and non-skid shower floor surface) to their conversion order. All of this falls under the marketing portion of your training program. You will learn to access the online portal to order brochures and personal fliers to promote your home remodeling business.

The TubcuT Dealer Training Program

Being a TubcuT dealer is the perfect addition to your home remodeling business. The conversion rate is high among homeowners who are not looking to remodel their entire bathroom. It is an easy project and very affordable for the homeowner.

But you must apply to become a certified dealer. Once the application has been processed, you will receive an email to schedule an appointment to speak with a TubcuT representative. They will provide more information about the advantages of becoming a TubcuT dealer.

The process of becoming a certified TubcuT dealer is very simple as training will last up to five days. It depends on your experience as a home remodeling contractor. You will receive one-on-one training from a TubcaT trainer. You will have hands-on installation training in a commercial environment instead of a factory setting. It will help you to learn how to prepare a bathroom in actual surroundings.

Another aspect of the training is learning how to use the marketing provided by TubcuT. All dealers have access to an online portal for ordering marketing materials such as brochures, work supplies and downloading personalized fliers. Following your training, you will be sent a flash drive that holds the TubcuT marketing guide, print advertisements, and an array of marketing materials.

Contact a Professional

If you are looking to convert your tub into a shower without the hassle of a full-scale home remodeling project, look no further than TubcuT One Day Team. Our dealers are respected walk-in tubs in Easton, PA installers. We take care of your tub-to-shower conversion needs. Our goal is for you to have a safe bathing experience. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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