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Walk-In Tubs in Scranton

Mobility issues TubcuT™ helps provide a safe, secure, and independent experience for your loved one with our tub-to-shower conversions. If you’re in the Scranton, PA area, TubcuT™ has the best contractors qualified for a tub-to-shower conversion. It’ll be like having your very own walk-in tub at home, without the hassle of renovations that take days. Just give our professional Team four to five hours and get the chance to use your very own walk-in shower right away! Scranton, PA residents have trusted TubcuT™ to do their step-through bathtub conversions for years. The best part is, that this process is 100% reversible, so when the time comes that you decide you no longer want a walk-in tub, just give us a call, and we’ll do the restoration for you. Just make sure you keep the cutout portion of the tub so we can easily reverse your walk-in tub back to your regular tub.

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    This Is Why You Need TubcuT™

    The Step-Through Feature Makes It Easier For People With Mobility Issues To Get In & Out Of The Tub

    Regular people don’t view bathrooms as hazardous as those with mobility issues do. That’s because they’re more prone to slipping and tripping. TubcuT™’s tub to shower conversion gives you peace of mind when you’re using your bathroom.

    Best Tub To Shower Conversion Solution in Scranton, PA

    A solution to converting your regular tub to a walk-in shower has never been easier. TubcuT™ has been servicing the Scranton, PA area for years, and we have only satisfied customers to show for it.

    TubcuT™’s tub to shower conversion is not only for ceramic tubs — but we can also convert your soaking tubs, whirlpools, decked-mounted, and tiled-in tubs to step-through bathtubs conversions. Whatever your tub surface is, we have the right tools to handle it.

    Give us a call and get a free quotation for the job, so you’ll know exactly how much to pay for your step-through bathtub conversion (there are absolutely no hidden charges!). We offer competitive rates but don’t compromise on quality. We’ll measure your tub exactly the way it’s built, meaning our tub cutouts get as deep as your tub goes. None of those one-size-fits-all inserts have been pre-formed (other companies are known to use this).

    Why Install The Tubcut?

    For your safety and well-being, we recommend installing TubcuT™ for the following reasons:

    • It’s completely reversible.
    • TubcuT™ comes with a lifetime warranty.
    • We offer customizable solutions and handicap accessibility.
    • And more!

    Other companies aren’t able to revert your bathtub to its original glory. TubcuT™ ensures that if you no longer want the cutout, we’ll revert your bathtub for you — just make sure that you don’t throw away the original cutout portion. This is how seamless our entire procedure is — no one will even notice it happened.

    Once you’re a TubcuT™ client, you’ll always remain a TubcuT™ client. We treat all of our customers like family. If you need your TubcuT™ installation checked or adjusted, we’ll be more than happy to do that for you.

    Unlike other companies who use pre-formed cutouts, TubcuT™ measures your tub exactly the way it’s built and forms the cutout based on your tub’s unique size. Pre-formed cutouts have a fixed depth of only nine inches, so if your tub has a depth of 19 inches, you’ll still have ten inches to step over. You won’t face that problem if you decide to go with TubcuT™.

    Aside from converting your tub to a walk-in shower, we’ll also install grab bars, a shower seat, and a handheld shower to make your bathing experience as safe as can be. We want a secure, independent bath time for you — and all this can be done in less than a day.

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    If you’re in the Scranton area and want a hassle-free and efficient tub-to-shower conversion service, look no further than TubcuT™’s One Day Team. We’ll take care of converting your bathtub to a walk-in shower for a safe bathing experience. Call us today for a free quote.

    If you’re located elsewhere, check out our walk-in tubs in Lehigh Valley!

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