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How TubcuT™ Is More Effective Than Bathtub Replacements

How TubcuT™ Is More Effective Than Bathtub Replacements

If you would like to upgrade your bathtub, consider opting for TubcuT rather than a full replacement of your bathtub. There are many reasons that you would benefit from getting a Tub-to-Shower conversion from TubcuT.

TubcuT Can Be More of an Affordable Option

When you have an older bathtub you’re looking to improve, you don’t need to get a full tub replacement. TubcuT is a company that sells and installs walk-in tubs in New York. You’ll be pleased to know that you can have your current bathtub converted into a walk-in shower at no high expense. This is in large part due to the fact that this fixture is fairly simple to install and requires fewer materials. If you are concerned about the cost and would like to know what to expect before getting into discussions about the specifics of what you want, our team is happy to provide a quote!  


Bathrooms tend to be hazardous for people with limited mobility. A traditional bathtub has a side that’s rather tough to climb over and get in, which increases the risk of injury. Wouldn’t it be great to step in and out of your tub without worrying you will slip or slide? That’s the benefit of having a tub-to-shower conversion in New Jersey with TubcuT! We also will install a grab bar and a handheld shower to improve your safety.

Shorter Time Frame for Installation

It can be frustrating to have your bathroom (or part of it) closed off for days when a professional is remodeling your bathtub. Not only will you have the inconvenience of not being able to use the tub, but you also will have a worker(s) coming into your home for several days to complete this project. If you could have your tub replaced within a shorter period by choosing a tub-to-shower conversion, isn’t this the better option?

A Reversible Choice

You may be surprised to learn that you can have your walk-in shower restored into a traditional bathtub. Just make sure that you keep the cut-out portion so that we can conduct the restoration.

Customization Without the Hassle

Many companies use a one-size-fits-all bathtub insert when doing a tub conversion. This works for many bathrooms, but it really isn’t an ideal approach. The installation technician may need to adjust and cut some of the insert material to make this fit into the space properly. Not only does this increase the time they spend on your project, but it also will raise the cost.

It’s much better to have an insert created custom for your tub. A TubcuT technician will measure your bathtub exactly to get accurate information before they make the insert. They also will ensure that the color of the panel matches your tub so that it looks seamless.

Contact TubcuT for a Better Alternative to Bathtub Replacement

It’s in your best interest to reach out to TubcuT to find out more about our offerings and determine if a tub-to-shower conversion is right for your needs. You can talk to an expert about what you’d like and what to expect. Contact us today for more information and you’ll be happy with the results.

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