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Consider Becoming A TubcuT™ Dealer To Enhance Your Contracting Business

Consider Becoming A TubcuT™ Dealer To Enhance Your Contracting Business

Are you a contractor in an aging community? Or a plumber looking to extend your services to meet the needs of your clients? Whatever your motivation, converting a tub to a shower can make a huge difference to clients who are looking for a safer and more reliable tub. Here is how a tub-to-shower conversion can help any homeowner improve their bathroom, and why you should become a TubCut dealer! 

A Quick & Reversible Process

When you offer tub-to-shower conversions in Scranton and areas near you, you can improve the home of your customers in just one day. You can become a TubCut Dealer and provide a safer environment for your customers to get in and out of the tub or shower. As a TubCut Dealer, you will be able to make any bathtub or shower a walk-in, all without disrupting their day-to-day life. The TubCut process is quick and seamless while also offering reverse services at any point to restore the tub or shower to its original condition. 

It Is Safer To Walk Out Of The Bath Or Shower

Stepping out of a tub and onto a slippery bath mat can be dangerous for older or disabled Americans. The mat can be slippery, and someone with chronic pain or limited mobility may not be able to get up easily. By installing a tiled threshold under the tub spout, you create an instant shower space that allows for easier access out of the tub. This will help increase the safety and accessibility of bathrooms. 

Improve Your Skills

A tub-to-shower converter can provide leading handicap-accessible and reliable tub conversion services for any home. This not only will help you to stand out from competitors but will be able to add a service when you are already working on a home. This added skill set can help generate higher profits and increase your client base. 

This also extends your need in the community. With TubCut skills, you can help older citizens live comfortably in their homes or allow children to accommodate their aging parents. 

Learn More About Being A TubCut Dealer Today!

In the end, a tub-to-shower conversion is a great alternative service to provide for someone who isn’t looking for an entire bathroom remodeling. It’s an effortless project that you can offer to anyone. If you want to add to your contracting skills or offer more for your customers, consider becoming a TubCut Dealer today!