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What Makes the TubcuT™ a Great Option to Prevent Slips and Falls in the Tub

What Makes the TubcuT™ a Great Option to Prevent Slips and Falls in the Tub

One of the biggest dangers to your loved one is in the bathtub. Although soaking may seem as though it can help them, the bathtub presents a real danger. It’s easy to slip and fall. Tubcut provides a better and safer solution. Here’s how a bathtub to shower conversion can keep your senior safe from slips and falls.

1. Removes Getting Up and Down

After having Tubcut convert your bathtub into a shower, your senior no longer has to worry about getting up and down in the tub. Sitting down and getting back up requires a lot of strength. Your loved one may not have that kind of strength anymore.

Even worse, they can slip and fall in the process of trying to get up and out of the tub.

By converting the tub into a shower, your loved one only needs to step in and out of the shower instead.

2. Keeps the Edge Low

One problem some seniors have with getting in and out of showers is that the edge is too high. They need to lift their leg incredibly high to step over it. If they’re unable to do so, then they can trip and have a serious injury.

Tubcut always makes sure that the cut is low enough for a senior to easily pass through it. Yet the edge is still high enough to ensure water doesn’t spill over it.

We measure our cut to ensure that seniors are able to pass over it without tripping.

3. Affordable Conversion

Homeowners often are unable to rip out a bathtub and install a shower because it costs too much. Tubcut fixes that problem through our conversion kit. It’s still your bathtub. There’s just an opening like a walk-in shower now. Our conversion makes owning a shower far more affordable.

You can keep your loved one safe without having to empty out your wallet in the process.

4. Perfect Method for Handles and Grips

Handles and grips don’t do much for a bathtub. It still requires the seniors to use their strength to use them. Converting your bathtub into a shower makes the handles and grips more user-friendly. Instead of using them to haul themselves up, handles are used to keep their balance.

A shower is a safer way for seniors to become clean.

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