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Tub To Shower Maintenance: How To Keep Your New Shower Sparkling

Tub To Shower Maintenance: How To Keep Your New Shower Sparkling

Showers help us clean ourselves, but who helps our showers maintain their cleanliness and safety? We will show different ways to keep your new tub to shower conversion sparkling clean with minimal scrubbing.

Remove Buildup

Removing buildup is the first step to having a sparkling clean shower. The buildup is the main reason why our shower looks and feels dirty. A dirty shower will also put you more at risk for health concerns like mold and mildew, slippery surfaces, rust, and more.

We recommend using cleaning products or cleaning powders that are made for bathrooms and showers to remove buildup. Repeat this process at least once or twice a month to keep the shower free from buildup.

Spray The Surface

After removing the buildup, spray the walls, tiles, doors, and showerhead with a bathroom cleaner. This can help make the stains fade. Plus, it can also keep the buildup from reappearing.

For those who have glass showers, spray the walls with a solution made of vinegar and water. If you have tiles, use a lemon and water mixture instead. If you have a stone shower, try using liquid soap and baking soda.

Depending on what material the shower is made up of, mix equal amounts of these ingredients and spray them all over the surfaces of the shower.

Let it sit for a while before rinsing it away with clean water.

If you are worried about getting your shower clean, talk to your caregiver about maintaining it and the best ways to keep your shower clean.

Improve Air Ventilation

For homeowners who don’t have fans in their bathroom (apartments and condos are required to have one), leave the bathroom door open after each shower. This will help reduce moisture inside the bathroom.

Moisture can contribute to mildew and mold growth inside the bathroom which can also cause stains.

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Cleaning the shower and maintaining its cleanliness are very important tasks that every homeowner should do. Regular shower maintenance keeps away dirt and bacteria buildup that can harm you and your household. Now, if you’re looking for doorless walk-in showers or walk-in tubs in King of Prussia, contact us today at The Tubcut for a custom-fitted tub or shower of your dreams!