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Walk-In Tubs in Philadelphia

Our Tub Transformations Are Easy & Reversible

Do you want to convert your bathtub in your Philadelphia home into a walk-in shower? The Tubcut company can help you! Injury or aging makes it difficult to enter and exit a bathtub. Converting your tub into a shower is one way to make things easier! With the TubcuT company in Philadelphia, bathtubs can easily be transformed into walk-in showers while being easier on the pocket. Getting into the shower will be so much easier with our tub-to-shower conversion services!

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    Adaptive Tub Conversion for Your Home in Philadelphia

    Are you having difficulty finding a handicap-accessible bathtub? Independent dealers in Philadelphia offer the Tubcut, which is an adaptable tub to shower conversion. If you’re not from Philadelphia, there’s no need to fret! We also convert walk-in tubs in West Chester, PA, and across the country.

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    Why the Tubcut®?

    What a fantastic feeling it will be to be able to walk in showers or bathtubs in your Philadelphia home without fear of slipping or falling. Bathrooms can be a dangerous place due to the difficult slippery surfaces and the challenge of getting over the height of a traditional tub. With the Tubcut, you can say goodbye to all of these concerns! In Philadelphia, we have tub-to-shower conversions that make showering a breeze!

    The Tubcut is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality walk-in tubs. If you have a concern with our services, you can rest assured that our lifetime warranty will cover it. Tubcut is a business that prioritizes doing things right the first time. Our lifetime guarantee demonstrates our dedication to the happiness of our customers.

    Tubcut bathtubs can only be used as walk-in showers because they don’t have a door. But don’t worry if you wish to use it as a bathtub again! Our walk-in tubs can be easily restored to their original condition if the cutout section has been set aside. Tubcut is preferable to one-piece inserts since one-piece inserts cannot be restored. We are the only tub to shower conversion company that promises 100% reversibility!

    With a process that takes about only half a day, the Tubcut allows for easier, step-through entry in the front of any existing fiberglass, acrylic, steel, or cast iron bathtub.

    • The panel’s edges will be made to match the color of walk-in tubs for a seamless appearance.
    • Tubcut openings are made of 1/2-inch thick panels that are fabricated on-site to ensure a perfect fit. The panels become structurally part of the walk-in tubs thanks to the powerful bonding process.
    • The panels are made of a heavy-duty material that is easy to maintain.

    While Tubcut’s handicap-accessible bathtubs make a difference in people’s lives, many people believe they are just walk-in showers for older people. Another category of clients, though, gain just as much from it: people with health or mobility issues.

    • People with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy among other conditions will benefit from our walk-in tubs.
    • Our handicap-accessible bathtubs transform the lives of accident victims, those who suffer from chronic pain, those who have had knee or hip replacements, and anyone who suffers from a neuromuscular disorder.

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