I magine being able to safely and easily get in and out of your walk-in shower or tub and enjoy the warm, soothing water without fear of slipping or falling. Bathrooms can often be a dangerous place for the aging population because of unforgiving slippery surfaces, or because the height of a traditional tub is difficult to climb over. At One Day Bath, we ask: Why walk over your tub when you can walk through it?

One Day Bath offers two convenient and budget-friendly options for revitalizing your bathroom, completely with your safety in mind: The TubCut, which is custom-fit to your tub to become an integral part of the bathtub with a seamless, factory appearance; and the tub to shower conversion, which is a specially designed acrylic shower system that includes a shower surround.

“A lot of people are perplexed about how the TubCut works. When folks first take a look at it, they think that it goes over the existing tub. Instead, it actually modifies your existing bathtub into a walk-in shower. There’s no ripping out, no mess, no demo and no high expense,” says Paul Echavarria, CEO of One Day Bath. “Or, people will ask us, ‘Won’t the water come out?’ and our answer is that a simple shower curtain can stop the water from coming out, just like any other shower.”

Why is the TubCut becoming such a popular option for bath modifications? It gives you the same convenience and access of getting into a shower that a traditional renovation would – only, the TubCut is finished in less than one day, and costs significantly less (and doesn’t involve touching any of the plumbing). Even better? TubCut is the only shower conversion that can be reversed by saving the cut out section and using it to restore your tub to its original condition. In the event of the sale of your home, the modification won’t take away value.

The process of working with the One Day Bath team is simple, and gets you into your new tub as soon as possible.

“When you talk about a TubCut, that’s a simple process and we can quote you a price right over the phone,” says Echavarria. “It’s all based on the width of the opening, so with just a few questions we can give you the exact cost of the project. And, there’s no deposit.”

If a customer is interested in the traditional tub-to-shower conversion or they want a consultation to go over both options, a One Day Bath representative can visit their home with materials outlining both processes. Regardless of which choice is made, the turnaround time for either project is less than 24 hours. With a tub to shower conversion, there are a few additional decisions that need to be made, such as the walls (liner system), style of doors, and the fixtures.

“As far as practicality is concerned, most homeowners are just looking to solve the ‘problem’ of the existing bath being unsafe. The TubCut solves the problem and because of the reversibility, it mimics the same thing that a shower stall would give you and it’s practical for budgets of any level. “Our clients are happy with the installed product,” says Echavarria. “I’ve been installing the TubCut for 27 years, and have never had a failure. And the bottom line is, it makes accessibility simpler.”

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