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How We Do It: Step by Step Bathtub Conversion

How We Do It: Step by Step Bathtub Conversion

If you need a walk-in shower but don’t want to pay the cost to have an entirely new shower installed, then your best choice is our bathtub conversion service. At Tubcut, we make converting bathtubs into showers easy. Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

Step 1: Contact Our Friendly Staff

Getting your bathtub converted into shower starts by calling our team. We’ll need to know a few things about the bathtub and yourself. We are dedicated to fitting the needs of those with mobility issues. Our friendly staff is quick, so updating outdated tubs into functional showers is easier than ever.

Our staff will then relate this information to our technicians who will move on to the next step.

Step 2: Installation Planning

With the information that you give us, we’ll start to work on a design and build plan. Depending on the style and material of your tub, it may require us to bring certain tools. We also want to make sure that the design of the conversion looks great with the rest of the tub.

Once we have the design and process settled, we’re ready to come to your home and convert your tub into a shower.

Step 3: The Installation Process

Converting your bathtub into a shower should take less than a day. If all goes well, it should only take a few hours. Our crew will begin by making an appropriately sized cut into the tub. This will act as a door that you can easily walk in and out of. We always make sure that our threshold is 4″ above the floor.

This allows you to easily step in and out of the tub without worrying about water leaking over the top.

Step 4: Finishing

Once the cut has been made, we’ll polish, sand, and do any other finishing services to make the door opening look seamless with the rest of the tub. After we’re done, your new shower just needs to be cleaned, and it’s ready to be used.

Call Today

The process of your bathtub conversion starts by calling us. Being able to wash yourself or your loved one shouldn’t be difficult, it should be simple and safe. Call us today to receive an affordable service that converts your existing bathtub into a walk-in shower.