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How TubcuT™ Dealers Are Putting Safety First

How TubcuT™ Dealers Are Putting Safety First

Seniors and others with mobility issues often need to plan tub-to-shower conversions to address their changing needs. TubCut is an option that eliminates the need for complete bathroom remodels by removing a portion of the bathtub to create a walk-in shower. TubCut dealers work hard to make every aspect of the project as seamless as possible while offering these benefits that prioritize bathroom safety.

Lower the Step Into the Tub

Most bathtubs have high sides that require you to lift your leg to at least a 90-degree angle to step inside. When you combine that with a slippery bathtub or floor, the risk of a fall increases. TubCut removes a piece of the bathtub so that a person barely has to lift their leg to walk in.

The side portions of the tub remain in place. Many seniors use these ledges for additional stability, or you can choose to add handrails along the walls. Since stepping into the tub is a high-risk time for people with mobility challenges, this one simple change can eliminate anxiety at the start and end of your shower.

Reduce Slippery Floor Surfaces

Walk-in bathtubs for seniors are often preferable to a step-in shower or tub. This is because the small ledge that the cut leaves behind also serves the important purpose of keeping the water inside the tub so that it will flow out of the drain. Being able to step out of the tub onto a clean, dry floor further enhances bathroom safety. 

Create Space for Additional Safety Features

People with mobility challenges also tend to prefer to have handrails, bath chairs, and other safety features that prevent falls or excessive fatigue and dizziness. Replacing a tub with a shower often leads to space constraints, which can impact your options for increasing safety. Bathtubs have plenty of room for adding a shower chair or rails. Leaving more space helps you to outfit your shower with any features you need to feel more secure. 

Eliminate Barriers to Planning a Conversion

The temptation to put off a major bathroom remodel is hard to resist. Most people can’t afford to wait weeks for a total tub-to-shower conversion. You might also worry about lowering the value of your home or having to cover the cost of an expensive remodel. TubCut in NJ offers a lower-cost method for altering your bathing space that can be completed in as little as one day.

When you know that you can step into a safer shower the next morning, the prospect of making a change becomes much easier to consider. Plus, the changes are completely reversible. Just save the cut-out portion of your tub, and the installer can replace it when you’re ready to restore your tub to its former condition.

Start Planning a Safer Bathroom

Are you ready to start making bathrooms safer for those with mobility challenges? Give us a call today!