How Our TubcuT™ Experts Can Help You Choose A TubcuT™ or A Walk-In Shower - The Tubcut

How Our TubcuT™ Experts Can Help You Choose A TubcuT™ or A Walk-In Shower

How Our TubcuT™ Experts Can Help You Choose A TubcuT™ or A Walk-In Shower

Having an aging loved one or someone with a disability in your home often means needing to come up with quick solutions to keep them safe. Walk-in showers have significant advantages for helping someone overcome the obstacle of having to step over a bathtub ledge. While you might be familiar with the traditional style of a walk-in shower, you might not know about other options that can provide the same level of benefits. Working with our TubCut in PA experts can help you make the decision regarding which option works best for your family’s lifestyle.

Retain The Comfort Of A Bathtub

Something is comforting about being surrounded by the walls of a tub while you soak up the warmth of the water. For many people with disabilities, having those walls provides a sense of stability that gets lost with a standard walk-in shower. Your loved one might prefer to be able to hold on to the tub’s ledge while they sit for their bath after they step through the cut portion. Only removing that small cutout provides your loved one with a greater sense of stability as they bathe.

Consider The Need For Speed

With some walk-in shower remodels, you might have to wait weeks for the materials to get custom designed and for the contractors to come out and install them. Meanwhile, your loved one might be risking their safety every time they use the current tub. Once you decide to do a tub-to-shower conversion in Allentown, PA, our experts can complete your project in as little as a day. When your loved one is struggling with a sudden health change, then time is of the essence for keeping them safe. A tub-to-shower conversion works in tandem with other fall-prevention tips to protect your loved one from injury.  

Stay Within Your Family’s Budget

Major bathroom remodels are expensive, but you don’t have to blow your whole budget revamping the entire room. Our TubCut team is experienced in helping people to create safer bathrooms that fall within an affordable range. Choosing to remove a portion of the tub doesn’t require any materials or the same level of labor that a shower overhaul requires. Keeping the project budget-friendly gives your family more funds for adding handrails and other accessibility accessories.

Discuss The Need For Flexibility

In many cases, a health change is a temporary situation. For instance, someone who is recovering from a serious accident might need to use this type of accommodation only to get through their lengthy recovery. Being able to switch back to a tub might be your preferred option when you don’t want to have a walk-in shower in future years.

Choose The Best Of Both Worlds

Are you eager to explore the possibility of being able to meet your or your loved one’s needs more easily and affordably? Reach out to our team to find out if a TubCut is right for you.