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Choosing Comfort Between A Shower Or Tub

Choosing Comfort Between A Shower Or Tub

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to make as comfortable as possible for the injured or aging person in your life. Deciding how to remodel it can be a tough decision, especially when choosing between having a shower, or a tub. Not sure which one would work best for your loved one? Here are a few things to know about showers and tubs to better help with your decision. 


Showers are easy to have and require less space in a bathroom. There are many different styles and wonderful accessories like shower seats and handrails. It is also easy to install especially if you’re contemplating a bathtub conversion. This is a great consideration when looking for a solution to keeping your member safe while still keeping the aesthetics you seek for the bathroom. 


Many love the relaxing feeling of soaking in a tub brings. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you can choose to have it separate from a shower or have a shower/tub combination. However, it can be physically challenging to get up and out. Since a tub also takes up more space than a shower, you may want to evaluate how comfortable it would be for your loved one to comfortably be independent in the space.  

Tub or Shower?

Showers and tubs are both equally important to have in a bathroom and can bring relaxation to anyone who uses either one. However, showers offer the most flexibility to the space because they do not take up much space. You also have the option of changing an exiting shower/tub combo to a safer shower for your injured or aging loved one..  A tub requires considerable space. A shower provides your loved ones a spacious and comfortable bathroom where they can easily and independently maneuver. 

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Making decisions that will help the quality of life of the people you love is hard to make. Instead of adding more to the list, let Tubcut alleviate their needs for a bathroom that is made with their well-being and abilities in mind. For more information on our tub to shower conversion in NJ, contact us today.