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Accessibility Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom

Accessibility Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom

Moving a senior or disabled loved one into your home may be your best option to keep them safe. Yet, you may need to make a few changes around your house to make it accessible. Bathrooms tend to be one of the riskiest rooms for seniors because the combination of hard floors and wet surfaces increases the risk of falls. Using these remodeling ideas can help you get started on making the bathroom in your home more accessible for seniors. 

Install an Automatic Faucet Control System

Aging adults encounter several potential issues with running water in the bathroom. Seniors with memory loss or other forms of cognitive decline might forget to turn the water off, which can lead to flooding and water damage. Or, they might get burned if the temperature is too high. Automatic faucets use sensors to control temperature and shut off the water if it reaches a certain level. 

Convert Standard Tubs Into Walk In Styles

The high ledge of a standard tub increases the risk of falls when entering or exiting. For seniors, it can be challenging or impossible for them to lift their leg high enough to clear the side, and a lack of balance can increase their risk of sustaining an injury. Walk-in tubs for seniors are a safer option than standard tubs. When converting your tub, one of our professionals will create an entrance on the side of your current tub to allow your loved one to step in with ease. We can even make it as wide as you prefer, and the whole conversion is completely reversible. 

Add Seats To Showers & Tubs

Once your loved one steps into their tub, they may still find it hard to stand up for the entire length of their shower. If you plan to reverse your tub conversion in the future, then you might want to add a temporary seat that you can take out whenever you need. Or, you can choose to install a built-in seat for tubs that you plan to use for senior care for long periods of time. Either way, your loved one will be safer with the ability to sit when fatigued.

Reduce The Risk Of Slips With Handrails

Handicap walk in showers reduce the risk of falling as your loved one enters the tub, and you can add an extra layer of stability by installing handrails. Handrails anchor to your shower walls to give your loved one a place to grip to maintain their balance. This is another simple change that provides an increased safety in the bathroom for seniors and peace of mind for caretakers. 

Start Planning Your Tub Conversion

Are you looking for a simple solution to make your bathroom safer for a senior loved one? We make tub conversions easy. Give us a call today to start talking to an authorized dealer who can help you plan this important project.