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4 Ways TubcuT™ Dealers Are Helping Older Americans

4 Ways TubcuT™ Dealers Are Helping Older Americans

Tub-to-shower conversions help to increase the accessibility of any home. Increased accessibility helps seniors with mobility issues to navigate the familiar spaces of their homes and gives their families much-needed peace of mind knowing. Here are three ways how TubCut dealers are helping older Americans:

They Are Making All Homes More Accessible And Safe

Tub-to-shower conversions are a way to make your home safer and more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities. This conversion allows you to use the bathtub as your shower while retaining some or all of your current bathroom space. It has three steps: stairs or platform lift, frame extension, and tub enclosure.

A staircase or platform lift will be positioned at the highest point of the current shower, allowing someone with limited mobility to access the tub without climbing up the stairs first. The frame extension will extend the floor plan of the current bathroom to include a new shower that is still within the footprint of the old tub. The enclosure will surround the tub to give it a usable shower space.

They Are Meeting The Personalized Needs Of Older Americans

Older adults often need assistance bathing and showering, particularly if they have disabilities or health issues such as arthritis, limited mobility, or osteoporosis. Rather than adding an expensive specialized system that requires ongoing maintenance, many older adults are opting for safer, easier-to-use systems with minimal maintenance requirements. Tub to shower conversions in PA include one such system designed to help keep older adults safe and independent in the comfort of their homes. That can be accomplished in two ways: 

  1. By adding a walk-in shower option to an existing tub. Or…
  2. By removing the existing tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower. 

These conversions are easy to install and come equipped with a sliding door, seat, hand-held shower wand, water heater, fixtures, and faucets.

They Give Peace Of Mind To Families

If you plan to replace your old bathtub with a safer shower, there is some good news: tub-to-shower conversions can be reversed. TubCut dealers offer a noninvasive addition that lasts, or can be undone if necessary. Nothing beats the peace of mind knowing your senior family member is safe from falls and injuries from an uneven, slippery bathtub surface. 

They Are Affordable

Bathtub-to-shower conversions are more affordable than other types of remodeling, such as moving the bathroom to another part of the house or completely renovating the space. They also give homeowners more options regarding future use. If they decide to sell their home later on, homeowners can reverse this addition by taking out the shower base and restoring the tub to its original state. They will market their property as a traditional bathtub-equipped dwelling.

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