Become a Certified TubcuT® Installer


The TubcuT® is an exciting business opportunity available nationally. As part of a rapidly growing industry of adaptive home modifications the demand is growing as the demographics of our nation continue changing. You can take advantage of these favorable demographic trends by becoming a Certified TubcuT® Installer.

Just a few small power tools and some basic supplies are needed to get going.

Our Dealership Program is not a franchise. We license you to use our protected TubcuT® technology. The TubcuT® becomes part of your bathroom modification package for your clients. Kits may be purchased as needed. Certification Training is held at our facility in Virginia and is scheduled at your convenience.



Access Designs, Inc. has developed the TubcuT® components and chemicals to work together to produce a permanent, seamless and water-tight bond.

The Initial Kit contains only the highest quality materials, and includes:
  • A comprehensive installation manual with over 50 photographs
  • A re-usable tub-marking template for consistent cut-outs;
  • High-quality panel inserts. The panels are 1/2 inch thick. This panel system is what lets you fit the TubcuT® to any tub shape right on the job;
  • Extra-strength adhesive for mounting panels AND finishing. It hardens quickly and is water proof, even before painting;
  • Durable, custom-formulated paint that adheres to any type of bathtub surface. Two different colors of white paint are included in each Kit so that you can match almost all white tubs right out of the bottle;
  • A set of seven tints so you can match any bathtub color;
  • A Flash drive with valuable information like a product marketing guide, print ads, brochures, a wide array of pictures and a supplier list for the needed tools;
  • We also provide telephone support for our Independent Installers.
  • There is no franchise agreement needed. Work independently and simply order Kits as you need them.


  1. Apply to become a Certified TubcuT® Installer... Once your application is processed you will receive a login and password needed for ordering kits online.
  2. Pay the $3,000 training & license fee, which includes three (3) 18" TubcuT Kits (1 Initial 18" Kit, and 2 subsequent 18" Kits).
  3. Attend an intensive two-day training session at our facilities in Charlottesville, Virginia (read more below about our hands-on training experience).
  4. Order additional kits as needed using our secure online ordering system.

We offer personalized "hands-on" training to Independent Dealers at our facility in Charlottesville, Virginia.


With our TUBCUT® Training Program you receive:

  • Two days of one-on-one training scheduled at your convenience;
  • Hands-on installation of your own TUBCUT® in a steel tub;
  • Instruction on the reversal/restoration of a tub;
  • Complete Marketing training, including a printed Marketing Guide and customizable color advertisements and brochures;
  • PLUS, you get an Initial TUBCUT KIT® that includes all the materials you'll need to get started.


Learn which tools will easily cut through tub materials, even porcelain and steel.


We give you all the techniques.

We provide individualized training, Even the layperson will do well on their first training tub.


Contact Access Designs, Inc. today to learn more about enrolling in an upcoming training session.



Filling out this form to apply to become a Certified TubcuT® Installer, indicates your agreement to our Installers' Agreement Terms and Conditions.

(Installers' Agreement Terms document requires PDF reader. Click Here to download Foxit PDF Reader - if needed)